Changing the way of Living — ”Work From Home During Pandemic”

A necessary thing that has been increased during COVID -19.

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are suffering from a pandemic at a global level and it has affected many of lives in the personal and professional ways. We don’t know what will be our future and we cannot do anything for it.This is the time when employed people from every sector needs to sacrifice something to be on the track to make a living. They are at the stage where they can lose their jobs and the organization and the company cannot do anything for it.

When the problem becomes big ,then the solution always comes with it. As the people are now at their homes , so some of them are able to make a living out of it by working from home .This is the new way of working from home that has helped many of the organizations/companies and their employees at some level. Now they are able to make a living while working from home.

Working from home is a great idea that has made most of the companies to be digitalized and they are able to do their office works from their homes. There are several companies that have been adopted this policy such as Microsoft , Amazon ,Facebook , Google , Salesforce , Liveops and many more. When the this pandemic started to affect our lives then some of the companies started with 20–30% employees but as of now it has been spread so far that people cannot even go out of their home , then it has been extended to the 50 to 60% employees working from their homes.

Working from home gives the people some advantages physically and mentally. Some of them are as follows:

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1. Flexible Schedule — People can now work according to the time they are comfortable with and they are not answerable for this to anyone. So can maintain its life and work simultaneously.

2. Less Communication Stress — It is found that people commute with other colleagues while working and traffic jams waste his/her time. This makes them stressed and depressed and they can do nothing for it. So working from home helps them to overcome all of this mentally.

3. Location Independence — Work from home helps many people to choose their desired place to complete their work. This helps them to be more relaxed and productive in their work.

4. No problem of distance — Many people leave their homes for jobs and need to stay some other place. But working from home helps them to operate from any place in the world. This helps the company to recruit new employees that have different perspective and culture that can be helpful to the generate new ideas.

5. Money Savings — Work from home has cut down all the expenditures such as transportation, lunch bought out , parking, professional wardrobe. All these things are used when the people need to go to the work place daily.

6. Increased Productivity — When people get to work in their desired environment then they are more relaxed and give their best to do the work than the office where they need to work in one place only. They complete their work with positive mindset that also improves productivity.

All these are the common advantages that every employee experience.

But the coin has two faces. Work from home also have some disadvantages that cannot be neglected. Some of them are:

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1. Language and culture difference — Most of the people who work from home has these problem. They come from the different background and culture and when there is a group or team interaction then they are not able to manage with the other members. It is found very difficult to understand other’s thoughts and language even in the video conferencing.

2. Difficult to manage Accountability — Many companies has the habit to analyse and see the progress in work of employees when they are in the office. Working from home leaves all this behind and they are not able to get the accountability of the employee even when the productivity is good.

3. Less Productivity — Many employees which take the work seriously are able to be more productive. But some of them feel so relaxed at their desired place that they does not take their work seriously and they lack in the productivity.

4. Connection problem — Not most of the employees working from home has the better connection to work . Every work from home job needs a good internet connection. If an employee fails to have a good connection the he may lack in the productivity and may lose his job.

5. Work Problem — Working from home has made the person do the work alone and if some problem occurs then that person has to wait for the reply for as long as the other one wish. So sometimes it takes time to complete a regular work than the office.

6. Family Distraction — While working in office we concentrate on our work as environment is filled with working employees. But in home, family requires a special attention and you can’t manage your work with family. This breaks the concentration and it takes time to generate it.

All these are the common limitation of working from home. Every job has its pros and cons but everyone tries to complete their work as it affects his/her life.

Due to this pandemic, many of the people has developed a habit of working from home and it is estimated that by the year 2028 , 73% of the companies will adopt the work from home policy. Due to this pandemic , in the year 2020, in US, it has found that 3.6% of the total workforce (approx. 5million) work from home. It is found that the companies offering work from home saves approximately $44 billion each year .This is not the case with every company offering work from home but they are making a good profit from it. This can be a great advantage to the companies as they have can spend this money in some betterment of the companies and their employees. But this year has been great disaster for the company which cannot run on the work from home policy. In country like India , in year 2020, 122 million people lost their jobs. So this cannot be neglected that this pandemic does not give equal opportunity to all the people.

During this pandemic work from home has been a great opportunity for the employees to earn their living and beneficial for the company. This year many companies has joined the work from home policy and continuing their work without any delay. We can see the sudden increase in the jobs and some of its pros and cons that an be very important for an employee. It affects our lives in both the ways positive and negative but the people continue to do their work as they earn them a living.



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Shubham Thakur

Medium writer who likes to start new things. Write what I feel I can explain easily to anyone. You can find more such info on spaceadmirer. in