New discovery from the Hubble telescope is very interesting.

The Hubble telescope is working for years to witness the changes in the entire cosmos. It has been one of the best telescopes of NASA. Recently it has spotted a planet that is getting bigger. It is the closest exoplanet we have observed situated 379 light-years away from earth.

This new-discovered planet is getting bigger in size which we could assume is growing. As per the theoretical assumptions, planets are dust and gas particles that revolve around a bigger star. The mass it acquires comes from the star it revolves around…

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Stars and Planets are located at a great distance from our home planet earth. They can only be seen through telescopes with great magnification acquired by space organizations around the world. NASA is the leading organization in the astronomy sector and periodically provides some of the amazing astronomical news to the rest of the world.

Shubham Thakur

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