New discovery from the Hubble telescope is very interesting.

The Hubble telescope is working for years to witness the changes in the entire cosmos. It has been one of the best telescopes of NASA. Recently it has spotted a planet that is getting bigger. It is the closest exoplanet we have observed situated 379 light-years away from earth.

This new-discovered planet is getting bigger in size which we could assume is growing. As per the theoretical assumptions, planets are dust and gas particles that revolve around a bigger star. The mass it acquires comes from the star it revolves around…

Start your journey with Affiliate Marketing.

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Sharing your experiences and thoughts is now easier than ever. You might think that a blog is just a way to tell people about your interests and maybe find new friends that have the same desire for writing as you.

However, nowadays blogs are more than just a writing hobby. They have slowly but surely become a way to make money from home without being an expert in the…

New proposed model of real warp drive.

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Warp drive has always been fiction to us. Alcubierre’s theory gives the possibility of creating a warp drive under the known laws of physics. But it requires a negative mass that is still a mystery to us. We assume that negative mass does not exist because we are unable to find its sign of existence in the entire universe.

So we can say that warp drives can be in the papers but not in real life. In recent research, it has been shown a possibility that it can be created without negative mass.

New Research Theory

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Still, confused what is…

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Our universe has many secrets that represent many ways to study the future and past of our universe. They have been revealed one after another from time to time.

These secrets could be anything such as planets, stars, a new galaxy, or an entire universe. But we care the most that are somehow attached to our earth.

Our solar system plays a very important factor in the study and research of the universe and many scientists have been continuously trying to find something new in space.

What would happen if we find out a new planet in our solar system…

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Stars and Planets are located at a great distance from our home planet earth. They can only be seen through telescopes with great magnification acquired by space organizations around the world. NASA is the leading organization in the astronomy sector and periodically provides some of the amazing astronomical news to the rest of the world.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

NASA and much similar organization like it continuously keeps an eye on the happenings that occur outer space for their research and development.

NASA is the leading among all the organizations in the world. They have one of the best devices around the world for research and development in the field of Astronomy.

With the help of these devices, they are able to capture and sense faraway stars, planets, and galaxies.

In the past few years, there have been some amazing discoveries by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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Reason for Greenland’s ice bed softening.

The secret of a developing “dim zone” on Greenland’s softening ice sheet has been tackled.

Analysts have discovered that phosphorus-rich residue blown across the ice might be the way into the wonder.

Discovery of a mass range of Dark Matter.

Photo by Nelson Pigossi Jr on Unsplash

Around 95 % of the Universe is unknown to human beings. It is often referred to as dark which has nothing to do with the color of any substance but to do with the unknown nature of cosmic entities known as dark matter and dark energy.

Now, scientists from the University of Sussex have found a new way to know more about dark matter. They have narrowed down the range of masses within which particles that could make up dark matter may lie.

The range they have established — 10^-3 electron-volts to…

20-million-year-old tree discovered in Greece.

Photo by Maria Labanda on Unsplash

The tree was found during roadwork close to antiquated woods froze a long period of time back.

Greek researchers on the volcanic island of Lesbos say they have discovered an uncommon fossilized tree whose branches and roots are as yet flawless following 20 million years.

The tree was found during roadwork almost an old timberland froze a long period of time prior on the eastern Mediterranean island and shipped from the site utilizing an extraordinary brace and metal stage.

It is the first run through a tree has been found in such great condition total…

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